Business Planning and Consulting

Start planning for the 2018-2019 tax season now.

CPA in Indianapolis

OnTarget CPA in Indianapolis Offers Planning and Consulting

OnTarget CPA in Indianapolis can provide tax-planning and consulting services for all phases of your personal and business needs. Whether you are looking to start a business or are already an existing business owner, we can help.

Consulting Services Help Your Company Be Successful

Our services and strategies designed to achieve corporate growth objectives often include

  • Preparation of Individualized Tax Plans To Develop Strategy To Lessen Your Taxes Year After Year
  • Create/Update Business Plans
  • Develop Budgets
  • Business Operations Consulting
  • Prepare Local, State, and Federal Tax Returns
  • Determine Cash Flow Needs
  • Advise Clients On Financial Strategies
  • Advise Clients On Methods To Lower Tax Burdens
  • Ensure Clients Are Aware of Regulatory Changes
  • General Business Advice
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About OnTarget CPA

OnTarget CPA is a certified public accounting firm offering business accounting services and tax preparation. Consult with OnTarget CPA for guidance on efficient and profitable business operations and strategies to achieve corporate growth objectives.

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