How to battle back against brandjacking

  As individuals, we’re warned repeatedly about the dangers of online identity theft. Well, as a business owner, you’re in double jeopardy because a hacker might not only steal your personal identity, but also — or alternatively — hijack your company’s brand. It’s sometimes called “brandjacking.” Essentially, a fraudster copies or recreates a business’s digital assets and […]

The IRS has just announced 2024 amounts for Health Savings Accounts

The IRS recently released guidance providing the 2024 inflation-adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSA fundamentals An HSA is a trust created or organized exclusively for the purpose of paying the “qualified medical expenses” of an “account beneficiary.” An HSA can only be established for the benefit of an “eligible individual” who is covered […]

Questions you may still have after filing your tax return

If you’ve successfully filed your 2022 tax return with the IRS, you may think you’re done with taxes for another year. But some questions may still crop up about the return. Here are brief answers to three questions that we’re frequently asked at this time of year. When will your refund arrive? The IRS has […]

Addressing pay equity at your business

  Businesses today are under increased pressure to fully understand and thoroughly respond to the issue of pay equity. And neither of these two broad undertakings is particularly easy. First, fully understanding what pay equity is and whether and how it’s played out at your company calls for research, analysis and perhaps some difficult discussions. The […]

The Ultimate Career Growth Destination: Why I Joined OnTarget CPA


OnTarget CPA is more than just a public accounting firm; it is a career development destination that provides exceptional opportunities for accounting professionals looking to advance their careers. As someone who has firsthand knowledge of this, I can confidently state that OnTarget CPA is the ultimate destination for career advancement. In the sections that follow, […]