IRS Resolution Services in Indianapolis

Start planning for the 2022-2023 tax season now.

OnTarget CPA’s professional staff routinely represents clients for both Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Indiana tax matters. We have professional staff members who have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS and the state and will work directly on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.



IRS Tax Resolution

Have you received a notice from the IRS?
Do you have unfiled tax returns from prior years?
Do you owe back taxes?
Are you unsure about where you stand with respect to tax filings or tax liabilities?
Are you subject to a wage garnishment, tax lien, or been assessed a penalty?


OnTarget CPA’s resolution specialists are here to help.

OnTarget CPA has vast experience in understanding, responding to, and developing a plan of action to address IRS tax help issues. We can obtain and analyze IRS transcripts on the taxpayer’s behalf to verify tax debts, determine collections status, identify outstanding tax returns and guide you through IRS tax resolution options, such as:
• Develop a plan to remedy both personal and business IRS tax matters
• Address both State and Federal tax liabilities
• Tax matters in indiana
• Assist businesses and individuals to resolve back tax liabilities through programs like payment plans, reduced settlements, and penalty abatement
• Help to stop/remove bank account levies, accounts receivable levies, and wage garnishments
• Help business owners resolve their IRS payroll tax liabilities
• Settlement of your IRS tax liabilities and state liabilities, so you can focus on your business, family and other priorities

Indiana Resolution

Indiana Tax Resolution

OnTarget CPA’s resolution team is well-versed in Indiana tax matters and has a well-developed understanding of issues and notices taxpayers may receive from the Indiana Department of Revenue and/or the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. We can assist with sales tax, food & beverage tax, unemployment or withholding tax issues, help with late or unfiled tax returns, and set up payment plans for taxes due.


Audit Representation

Tax Audits

Audit Representation

When an individual or business is chosen for an IRS or state-level audit, OnTarget CPA will represent the taxpayers before the IRS or relevant taxing authority. We will deal with the IRS/taxing authority directly on your behalf so you will never be required to meet with or have a conversation with an IRS agent. By having OnTarget CPA represent you, we can leverage our experience to obtain the best possible result for your tax matters in Indiana.

IRS and Tax Resolution Services

IRS and Tax Resolution Services

list image Representation before the IRS, state and local taxing authorities with our tax resolution services
list image Understanding and responding to IRS, state or local tax notices
list image Compliance checks to verify filings from prior years
list image Filing of prior year tax returns
list image Payroll or sales tax issues
list image Set-up of payment plans for monies owed
list image Liens, wage garnishment, or levies
list image Assistance in negotiations for Offers in Compromise or declaration of Currently not Collectible
list image Penalty abatement
list image Audit representation
list image Assistance with consolidation or reduction in tax obligations
list image Advise on corrective actions and remedies for future compliance