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Business and Individual Tax Services in Indianapolis

OnTarget CPA is your go-to accounting firm for taxation services in Indianapolis. Our team of specialists can assist with tax preparation, cost-savings strategies through tax planning, navigating the maze of taxation requirements for business owners, representation in an audit, and more.
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Business Tax Preparation

OnTarget CPA’s accountants can help ensure your financial reporting practices are compliant with current laws and regulations and that you meet filing requirements and deadlines.

Our expertise includes annual corporate returns, sales and payroll taxes, personal property taxes, food and beverage tax, excise tax and more.

OnTarget CPA will prepare your federal, state and local tax returns, and can also help you determine how to reduce the taxes year-round. We can advise on everything from allowable business expenses to a range of legal vehicles to help reduce your tax obligation. Our aim is to set your business up to be as profitable as possible, while at the same time ensuring that your processes and tax positions are compliant and will satisfy regulatory standards.

Individual Tax Preparation

OnTarget’s experienced and informed professionals have comprehensive knowledge of tax laws and IRS regulations.

When you turn to us for tax services, we are able to assist with anything from retirement savings strategies to maximizing tax benefits, tax reduction plans and property tax issues. We understand how important it is to come up with realistic solutions that can be readily implemented, allowing you to maximize your income and assets while avoiding any unnecessary tax implications.

Our tax professionals keep abreast of changes to the tax code and provide you with tax counsel to minimize tax payments. OnTarget CPA can provide creative and objective planning and guidance as our staff members are highly knowledgeable about accounting and tax law. We can assist when a special situation arises, particularly those that affect your current and long-term financial picture.

Tax Planning Services

It is common to only think about taxes when you file your tax return but planning ahead throughout the year can help reduce tax liability in the future.

Tax planning offers a significant opportunity for our clients to create a plan tailored to the taxpayer’s individual needs. Proactive tax planning provides a road map designed to reduce tax liability and positively impact the bottom line.

OnTarget CPA’s comprehensive tax planning consists of one-on-one guidance for the taxpayer. We advise on the structuring of major transactions such as the purchase or sale of an interest in a closely held business, how to handle real estate transactions and depreciation in the most beneficial way, decreasing ongoing income taxes, protecting your wealth from estate taxes, and more.

Tax Audits

When an individual or business is chosen for an IRS or state-level audit, OnTarget CPA will represent the taxpayers before the IRS or relevant taxing authority.

We will deal with the IRS/taxing authority directly on your behalf so you will never be required to meet with or have a conversation with an IRS agent. By having OnTarget CPA represent you, we can leverage our experience to obtain the best possible result.

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Maximize your savings with personalized tax solutions

Whether you need business accounting services, financial advice, or tax services in Indianapolis, OnTarget CPA can help.