6 tried-and-true strategies for improving collections

Businesses that operate in the retail or restaurant spheres have it relatively easy when it comes to collections. They generally take payments right at a point-of-sale terminal and customers go on their merry ways. (These enterprises face many other challenges, of course.) For other types of companies, it’s not so easy. Collections can be particularly […]

Education benefits help attract, retain and motivate your employees

One popular fringe benefit is an education assistance program that allows employees to continue learning and perhaps earn a degree with financial assistance from their employers. One way to attract, retain and motivate employees is to provide education fringe benefits so that team members can improve their skills and gain additional knowledge. An employee can […]

Want to Enjoy a Success Boom? Start with Business Consulting Services

Are you a budding entrepreneur dreaming of turning your small company into a success? Many steps need to be taken to get your business off the ground, but one of the most essential is seeking experienced business consulting services.Not only can these consultants provide invaluable advice, but they can also help make sure your foundation […]

Businesses, be prepared to champion the advantages of an HSA

With concerns about inflation in the news for months now, most business owners are keeping a close eye on costs. Although it can be difficult to control costs related to mission-critical functions such as overhead and materials, you might find some budge room in employee benefits. Many companies have lowered their benefits costs by offering […]

Succession Planning: Decide the Future of Your Business

When deciding the future of your business, succession planning is a critical task. Business owners take their companies through many phases with intricate decision-making that can affect future generations.Planning for how and when those decisions will be made is essential if you want to ensure the long-term success of your enterprise. Succession planning should not […]

Strengthen strategic planning with competitive intelligence

Business owners and their leadership teams are rightly urged to engage in regular strategic planning to move their companies, thoughtfully and consciously, in a positive direction. However, no matter how sound a set of strategic objectives might be, it’s always important to bear in mind that your competitors have plans of their own. That’s why […]

5 valuation terms that every business owner should know

As a business owner, you’ll likely need to have your company appraised at some point. An appraisal is essential in the event of a business sale, merger or acquisition. It’s also important when creating or updating a buy-sell agreement or doing estate planning. You can even use a business valuation to help kickstart or support […]

Retirement saving options for your small business: Keep it simple

If you’re thinking about setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees, but you’re worried about the financial commitment and administrative burdens involved, there are a couple of options to consider. Let’s take a look at a “simplified employee pension” (SEP) or a “savings incentive match plan for employees” (SIMPLE). SEPs are intended […]