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Start planning for the 2020-2021 tax season now.

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Tax Preparation in Indianapolis

As you already know, tax season rolls around every year. While some tax software gives off the impression that filing your own taxes is a simple task, this is typically not the case as the tax laws are constantly changing. With the help of OnTarget CPA’s tax service Indianapolis, you can ensure that you have taken advantage of all tax benefits and planning measures and have peace of mind knowing that your tax preparation Indianapolis is professionally handled.


OnTarget CPA’s extensive experience and expertise ensure that your taxes are done correctly the first time. Our tax professionals keep abreast of changes to the tax code and provide you with tax counsel to minimize tax payments. OnTarget CPA can provide creative and objective planning and guidance as our staff members are highly knowledgeable about accounting and tax law. We can assist when a special situation arises, particularly those that affect your current and long-term financial picture.

Tax Preparation Services Help Your Personal Life Stay Organized

OnTarget CPA has crafted a suite of tax preparation services designed to assist individuals with accounting, tax reporting, and tax agency representation needs as part of our tax preparation Indianapolis services.

  • Income Tax Projections
  • Rental Real Estate
  • Business Purchases
  • Business Investments
  • Divorce
  • Education Funding
  • Financial Planning, Timing Of Income and Deductions
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Estate settlement
  • IRS and State Controversy Representation
  • Federal and State Tax Return Preparation
  • Residency Issues
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About OnTarget CPA

OnTarget CPA is a certified public accounting firm offering business accounting services and tax preparation. Consult with OnTarget CPA for guidance on our tax service Indianapolis offerings. Gain efficient and profitable business operations and strategies to achieve corporate growth objectives.

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