Proactive Indianapolis CPA

Proactive Indianapolis CPA

A good CPA can handle typical business tax issues. A proactive Indianapolis CPA must be able to move beyond these basic functions. One of my favorite clients explains it best, “A proactive CPA seems to read minds and does things I didn’t even know needed to be done for me.”

As a CPA, I view being proactive as imperative. When I started my career, I spent many hours learning tax rules and laws, eventually earning my CPA license. Soon after licensure, I began fine tuning my business knowledge. Practical experience enabled me to identify potential client issues before they snowballed into larger problems. Being reactive is not enough in today’s real-time information world. Aggressively diagnosing and anticipating outcomes is essential as well as necessary.

At OnTarget CPA, we go the extra mile. OnTarget CPA’s clients sign Indiana and IRS Power of Attorney forms for taxation matters. We proactively monitor and resolve issues emanating from those authorities. Often, we resolve matters before the client hears about them.

Being proactive can save our clients money. OnTarget CPA’s tax planning services provide one-on-one guidance for the taxpayer to reduce tax liability and positively impact their bottom line. Tax laws are constantly changing, and with a proactive approach, we will ensure the most advantageous tax strategies are employed for our clients.

In addition, we maintain a proactive communication schedule. Our goal is to inform clients about key tax deadlines and the required information well in advance of the due date. This will reduce stress, and allow time to properly prepare as well as evaluate each individual’s unique tax situation.

Have questions about your current personal or business tax situation? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call our office at 317-820-2000. OnTarget CPA is one of the top Indianapolis CPA firms providing small to medium sized businesses and individuals with accounting, taxation and consulting services. Find us on LinkedIn at