3 areas of focus for companies looking to control costs

Controlling costs is fundamental for every business. But where and how to address this challenge can change over time based on various economic and logistical factors. Earlier this year, global consultancy Boston Consulting Group published a report entitled The CEO’s Guide to Costs and Growth. Within it were the results of a survey of 600 […]

Businesses have options for technology leadership positions

To say that technology continues to affect how businesses operate and interact with customers and prospects would be an understatement. According to the Business Software Market Size report issued by market researchers Mordor Intelligence, the global market size for commercial software is projected to reach $650 million this year and $1.10 trillion by 2029. And that’s just software. […]

Could a 412(e)(3) retirement plan suit your business?

When companies reach the point where they’re ready to sponsor a qualified retirement plan, the first one that may come to mind is the 401(k). But there are other, lesser-used options that could suit the distinctive needs of some business owners. Case in point: the 412(e)(3) plan. Nuts and bolts Unlike 401(k)s, which are defined contribution […]

How family businesses can solve the compensation puzzle

Every type of company needs to devise a philosophy, strategy and various policies regarding compensation. Family businesses, however, face additional challenges — largely because they employ both family and nonfamily staff. If your company is family-owned, you’ve probably encountered some puzzling difficulties in this area. The good news is solutions can be found. Perspectives to consider Compensation […]

4 ways businesses can better control cash flow

From the minute they open their doors, business owners are urged to keep a close eye on cash flow. And for good reason — even companies with booming sales can get into serious trouble if they lack the liquidity to compensate employees and pay their bills. Here are four ways businesses can better control cash […]

Why businesses may want to integrate ESG into strategic planning

When business owners and their leadership teams meet to discuss strategic planning, the primary question on the table is usually something along the lines of, “How can we safely grow our company to reach the next level of success?” That’s certainly a good thing to ask and answer. But in today’s highly transparent world, where businesses […]

Timelines: 3 ways business owners should look at succession planning

Business owners are rightly urged to develop succession plans so their companies will pass on to the next generation, or another iteration of ownership, in a manner that best ensures continued success. Ideally, the succession plan you develop for your company will play out over a long period that allows everyone plenty of time to […]

Could conversational marketing speak to your business?

Businesses have long been advised to engage in active dialogues with their customers and prospects. The problem was, historically, these interactions tended to take a long time. Maybe you sent out a customer survey and waited weeks or months to gather the data. Or perhaps you launched a product or service and then waited anxiously […]

Staff Accountant Opportunity for Experienced Professional

Staff Accountant As a Staff Accountant are you ready for an exciting new step with a modern and rapidly growing CPA Firm? At OnTarget CPA, we believe in developing and caring for our employees. You will be valued, encouraged, and mentored as a leader. Investing in our employees is an investment in our clients. OnTarget […]

Why some businesses choose to execute a pivot strategy

When you encounter the word “pivot,” you may think of a politician changing course on a certain issue or perhaps a group of friends trying to move a couch down a steep flight of stairs. But businesses sometimes choose to pivot, too. Under a formal pivot strategy, a company consciously changes its strategic focus in a […]