Finding the best IRS Tax Resolution Services in Indianapolis

If you live in Indianapolis and are looking for the best tax resolution services, you’ve come to the right place! With an experienced team of professionals specializing in all matters related to taxes, IRS tax resolution services can provide clear guidance and help put your mind at ease. From decades of experience dealing with complex […]

Estate and Trust Tax Returns Services: CPA Firm

Navigating the intricacies of taxes, trusts and estates entangles even the most financially savvy of us. It can be hard to know where to start, so having a CPA on your side is helpful. Our firm provides full-service estate and trust tax return services – from preparation through IRS filing – so you don’t have […]

What businesses can expect from a green lease

With events related to climate change continuing to rock the news cycle, many business owners are looking for ways to lessen their companies’ negative environmental impact. One move you may want to consider, quite literally, is relocating to a commercial property with a “green lease.” Increasing demand Green leases are sometimes also known as “aligned,” “energy-efficient” […]

4 best practices for effective strategic planning meetings

It’s not uncommon for employees to grumble about having to attend too many meetings. Sometimes they have a point; an excessive number of meetings can become a problem at some companies. However, there’s one kind of meeting that business owners and their leadership teams should never scrimp on: strategic planning. That doesn’t mean you need […]

Could your business benefit from interim financial reporting?

When many business owners see the term “financial reporting,” they immediately think of their year-end financial statements. And, indeed, properly prepared financial statements generated at least once a year are critical. But engaging in other types of financial reporting more frequently may help your company stay better attuned to the nuances of running a business in […]

Reviewing and adjusting your marketing strategy

  As summer slips away and fall shuffles forth, business owners and their leadership teams might want to take a look at the overall marketing strategy they’ve pursued this year. How’s yours doing? It may not be entirely too late to make some adjustments to ensure your sales numbers wind up where you want them. What […]

Look carefully at three critical factors of succession planning

  The day-to-day demands of running a business can make it difficult to think about the future. And by “future,” we’re not necessarily talking about how your tax liability will look at year-end or how you might grow the bottom line over the next five years. We’re referring to the future in which you no […]