Staff Accountant Opportunity for Experienced Professional

Staff Accountant As a Staff Accountant are you ready for an exciting new step with a modern and rapidly growing CPA Firm? At OnTarget CPA, we believe in developing and caring for our employees. You will be valued, encouraged, and mentored as a leader. Investing in our employees is an investment in our clients. OnTarget […]

Why some businesses choose to execute a pivot strategy

When you encounter the word “pivot,” you may think of a politician changing course on a certain issue or perhaps a group of friends trying to move a couch down a steep flight of stairs. But businesses sometimes choose to pivot, too. Under a formal pivot strategy, a company consciously changes its strategic focus in a […]

Empower your sellers with sales enablement

The driving revenue force of just about every kind of business is sales. But all too often, once a sales team is up and running, it’s left to its own devices to maintain its strengths, develop new skills and upgrade its technology. This can produce mixed results — some sales departments are remarkably self-sufficient while […]

B2B businesses need a cohesive strategy for collections

If your company operates in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, you’ve probably experienced some collections challenges. Every company, whether buyer or seller, is trying to manage cash flow. That means customers will often push off payments as long as possible to retain those dollars. Meanwhile, your business, as the seller, needs the money to meet its […]

Businesses must face the reality of cyberattacks and continue fighting back

With each passing year, as networked technology becomes more and more integral to how companies do business, a simple yet grim reality comes further into focus: The cyberattacks will continue. In fact, many experts are now urging business owners and their leadership teams to view malicious cyberactivity as more of a certainty than a possibility. […]

8 key features of a customer dispute resolution process for businesses

No matter how carefully and congenially you run your business, customer disputes will likely happen from time to time. Some of the complaints may be people looking to negotiate a discount, “game the system” or even outright defraud you. But others could be legitimate complaints arising from mistakes on your company’s part, technological glitches or, perhaps […]

Health care self-insurance and stop-loss coverage: What business owners need to know

For businesses, cost-effectively sponsoring a health insurance plan for employees is an ongoing battle. In the broadest sense, you have two options: fully insured or self-funded. Health care self-insurance is something to know more about. A fully insured plan is simply one you buy from an insurer. Doing so limits your financial risk while offering […]

Want to Enjoy a Success Boom? Start with Business Consulting Services

Are you a budding entrepreneur dreaming of turning your small company into a success? Many steps need to be taken to get your business off the ground, but one of the most essential is seeking experienced business consulting services. Not only can these consultants provide invaluable advice, but they can also help make sure your […]

A general look at generative AI for businesses

If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s slowly and steadily expanding into various aspects of our lives. One widely cited example is ChatGPT, an AI “chatbot” that can engage in conversations with users and create coherently written articles, as well as other content, when prompted. […]

7 common payroll risks for small to midsize businesses

If your company has been in business for a while, you may not pay much attention to your payroll system so long as it’s running smoothly. But don’t get too complacent. Major payroll errors can pop up unexpectedly — creating huge disruptions costing time and money to fix, and, perhaps worst of all, compromising the […]