Business owners, your financial statements are trying to tell you something

Business owners are commonly and rightfully urged to regularly generate financial statements in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). One reason why is external users of financial statements, such as lenders and investors, place greater trust in financial reporting done under the rigorous standards of GAAP. But that’s not the only reason. GAAP-compliant financial statements […]

Should your business change its health care plan for next year?

Open enrollment for most health care plans is many months away. That makes now a good time for businesses to consider changing their employer-sponsored coverage for next year, or perhaps to think about launching a plan for the very first time. If you’re going to do either, you’ll have many details to sort through. To simplify […]

B2B businesses: Assess customer credit carefully

Does your company operate in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace? If so, you’re no doubt aware of the double-edged sword that is customer credit. On the one hand, it’s common practice. Most customers likely expect to be offered a credit option when engaging in B2B transactions. On the other, credit arrangements inevitably come with risk of late […]

Succession Planning: Decide the Future of Your Business

When deciding the future of your business, succession planning is a critical task. Business owners take their companies through many phases with intricate decision-making that can affect future generations. Planning for how and when those decisions will be made is essential if you want to ensure the long-term success of your enterprise. Succession planning should […]

The 4 Best Tax Planning Strategies

Tax time can be stressful. After all, no one likes the thought of owing money to the government when it comes to doing their taxes. But with some planning and know-how, you’re sure to get past tax season with flying colors, and put more money in your pocket too. Knowing some of the best tax […]

The 3 Best Tax Preparation Strategies

Tax season can be intimidating, especially if you need clarification on the best strategies to get your taxes done and save as much money as possible. But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to maximize your income for this upcoming tax season. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top tax preparation tips to […]

Applying for a commercial loan with confidence

Few and far between are businesses that can either launch or grow without an infusion of outside capital. In some cases, that capital comes in the form of a commercial loan from a bank or some other type of lender. If you and your company’s leadership team believe a loan will soon be necessary, it’s […]

Seeing the big picture with an enterprise risk management program

There’s no way around it — owning and operating a business comes with risk. On the one hand, operating under excessive levels of risk will likely impair the value of a business, consume much of its working capital and could even lead to bankruptcy if those risks become all-consuming. But on the other hand, no […]

Small businesses can help employees save for retirement, too

Many small business owners run their companies as leanly as possible. This often means not offering what are considered standard fringe benefits for midsize or larger companies, such as a retirement plan. If this is the case for your small business, don’t give up on the idea of helping your employees save for retirement in […]

How businesses can reinvigorate strategic planning

For businesses, and people for that matter, the beginning of the calendar year can be a bit of a grind. The holidays have passed, summer vacations are relatively far off and everyone is trying to build momentum for a strong, healthy year. Amongst all the nose-to-the-grindstone stick-to-itiveness, however, you and your leadership team shouldn’t lose sight […]