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Planning and Consulting – Tax Services in Indianapolis

It is common to only think about taxes during tax season, but planning ahead throughout the year can help reduce tax liability on next year’s return and minimize the stress associated with it. OnTarget CPA works with their individual clients according to their own unique situation. OnTarget CPA’s tax services in Indianapolis includes one-on-one guidance to prepare a comprehensive tax plan that helps properly structure major transactions such as the purchase or sale of an interest in a closely held business, handle real estate transactions and depreciation in the most beneficial way, decrease ongoing income taxes, and protect some or all your wealth from estate taxes.

Variety of Tax Services in Indianapolis

When you turn to us for tax services, we are able to assist with anything from retirement savings strategies through to maximizing tax benefits, tax reduction plans and property related tax issues. We understand how important it is to come up with realistic solutions which can be readily implemented, allowing you to maximize your income and assets at the same time as avoiding any unnecessary tax implications.

On-Going Tax Services Can Make Life Easier

Because life constantly changes and evolves, it’s important to regularly review your financial affairs in order to make sure that you’re still operating in a way that keeps your tax burden to a minimum. The transfer or sale of an asset, a change in business profitability, altered personal circumstances or even unexpected corporate growth can all significantly change the way you need to operate in order to make best use of your tax allowances and avoid giving the IRS more than you legally need to. We often work with clients repeatedly over the years, tailoring our advice to meet their circumstances so that they are always in an advantageous position when it comes to their taxes.

Tax Services in Indianapolis for Individuals and Businesses

We are able to work with businesses of all sizes in the Indianapolis area, as well as with private individuals – even if you have a modest estate, it’s nearly always worth getting professional financial advice to ensure you don’t end up paying more in taxes than you need to. To discover more about our services or discuss your requirements in more detail, call us at (317) 286-6790.

Tax Planning Services Help Lower Your Tax Liability

OnTarget CPA will prepare a customized tax plan for your unique situation.  We can guide you in implementing strategies to lower your tax burden year after year.

  • Planning for the sale of your ownership interest in a closely held business
  • Tax efficient retirement savings strategies
  • Implementing a plan to reduce federal and state estate taxes
  • Understand and maximize tax benefits
  • Tax efficient real estate transactions and tax advantaged depreciation methods

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